We are all one family


We are all one family

Croatian Football Federation has organized a promotional campaign "We are all one family", aiming to send a strong, universal message of the football family, that any form of discrimination is unacceptable.

The three promotional videos made by HNS include players from all ten SuperSport HNL clubs, as well as the players of the NK Parag, the members of the Roma national minority. Alongside Croatia internationals Dominik Livaković, Bruno Petković, Mislav Oršić, Lovre Kalinić, Marko Livaja, Ivica Ivušić, and Nediljko Labrović, the videos feature players from all 32 nations represented in the league. All of them, in their own mother tongue, send a simple, powerful message:

"We are all one family."

This campaign is the result of the joint session of the HNS Professional Football Committee and the HNS Security Committee, held in October. All the SuperSport HNL clubs have attended, with the Croatian Football Federation pointing out the increase in the number of unacceptable, discriminatory messages, as well as the hate speech in the stands. HNS also presented the decision to invest the fines collected for racism and other forms of discrimination in the projects aimed to prevent the unacceptable behaviour.

"I am happy that all of the clubs have worked together with HNS on this project. This excellent cooperation confirms the universal view of the football family that racism and any other form of discrimination is unacceptable at our venues. I would like to thank the clubs and players for being an example - there is no room for racism and discrimination in Croatia, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nation or any other affiliation", said HNS president Marijan Kustić.

"To go beyond football and work together with the scientific community is our strategic objective. We would like to thank the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Science, who gave an expert, scientific contribution in creating this prevention video-campaign, well suited for the wider audience. The youngsters are an especially targeted group, and they will be reached through digital platforms and social media, having a positive influence with emphasis on accepting diversity", said Jurica Jurjević, HNS prevention, security and integrity officer.






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