HNS congratulates Hungary

Šuker: "Hungary invests a lot in football, this is the reward"


Šuker: "Hungary invests a lot in football, this is the reward"
Foto: Arhiva HNS

With two victories over Norway in play-offs, Hungary reach UEFA EURO 2016, and Croatian Football Federation management congratulated the Hungarians.

Hungary secured a major tournament berth for the first time since 1986 and the World Cup in Mexico, with a home win over Norway (2:1) confirming the away first leg success (1:0).

The Hungarian celebrations were witnessed by Croatian Football Federation president Davor Šuker, vice-president Zdravko Mamić and former HNS president Branko Mikša.

They were in the company of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban and Hungarian Football Federation president Sandor Csanyi. Both were congratulated in the end by the Croatian delegation for such an important triumph.

"I am glad that we had the opportunity to congratulate in person to our friends from Hungary, for this major success. Hungary invested a lot in football during the previous years, and this was a true reward. Everything paid off, they deserved to reach EURO 2016 and I am happy that Croatia and Hungary will together represent Central Europe in France", said HNS president Davor Šuker.


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